Welcome to the Seattle OpenSource Linux Meetup member site

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Welcome to the Seattle OpenSource Linux Meetup group website!

The site is new and will serve as a place to post information from meetup presentations, talks and tutorials as well as other information useful to the group, such as a code of conduct for the group

We meet on the third Monday of each month at Razzi's Pizzeria located at 8523 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA

Or use the Riot.im app to reach out to us on Matrix. We maintain a public chat room on the Matrix.org server at #seattleopensourcelinuxmeetup:matrix.org

Look Fancy Pictures!

these are the stock photos that came with the website template. Someday soon they will be replaced by pictures of our awesome meetups!!

Memeber Content Area

Would you like to contribute content to the site? Please let one of the organizers know

A Great Place To Put Slides From Past Talks

For instance one of our members who is a large scale internet security expert has given several informative talks about securing Linux systems. This could be a great place to put up an overview of and slides from the talk

Member Code of Conduct

When we right it, it'll be here!